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Guide to get necessary reminders only

1. If you get all your calendar reminders, and they really bother you. Please follow a few steps below to cancel them:

  • Log-on to: by using registered email address and password
  • Click the \“Reporting\” tab
  • Click the \“Users\” sub-tab
  • Click on the number in the \“Pending\” column
  • Click on a reminder to cancel it OR click “CancelAllPendingReminders” to cancel them all.

If you still have problems, please contact

2. Click “Office SMS Options…” as indicated

3. Click “Reminders” tab, uncheck options as indicated.

4. When you want to send reminders as text messages, after entering reminder details, just click “Send Reminder as SMS message” button as indicated below in the screenshot.

To cancel it, just click that button again, so that reminder won’t be a text message.

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