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Solution for Outlook Mobile Service Connection Issue

If you are experiencing the following error when sending out messages:

Outlook did not receive a response from the Web service because of a problem connecting to the server. Try again later.

Please make sure that your Internet is working properly then try the instruction below.

1. Internet Explorer ⇒ Tools ⇒ Internet Options, click “Security” tab

2. Click on “Trusted Sites” and “Sites” button

3. Make sure that is not on the websites list below. if it is there, please select it and remove it.

4. Go back to “Internet Options” ⇒ “Security” tab, click “Local intranet” and “Sites” button

5. Tick “Automatically detect intranet network” and click “Advanced” button

6. Type “” and click “Add” to add our site onto your trust list.

7. Click “close” to save.

8. Still in “Internet Options”, click “Advanced” tab

9. Scroll down and tick “Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections”

10. Click “OK” to save your setting.

11. Close Internet Explorer and Outlook then restart them. Your issue should get fixed.

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